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The Greatest Ever Dance Movies

The genre of dance as a legitimate subject for a movie theme has never been disputed. Dance movies have been with us since the old Broadway musicals, and they have grown into serious contenders for nominations for all manner of screen awards. At first, dance movies had sketchy storylines, and the dialogue was just a way to fit the dance routines in the film. But times have changed, with more credible plots and even superior dancing techniques, modern day dance movies are up there at the very top. 

Dance movies give the audience a chance to forget about everyday life and enter a fantasy world that keeps them totally enraptured for two hours. And here are some of the very best.

Dirty Dancing

One of the best feel-good movies of all time has to be Dirty Dancing, the action takes place in a holiday resort where the two main characters meet. Baby Houseman is spending a holiday with her family at the resort and decides to take dance lessons with the dance teacher Johnny Castle. The soundtrack is perfect for this film as it opens up so many emotions as the young couple learn not just to dance but also to fall in love. Watch out for the final dance sequence as it is one of the best on film.

Strictly Ballroom

A great over the top dance movie that will keep you entertained from the start to the credits. The two main characters seem to have nothing in common whatsoever, but they decide to enter the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix Dancing Championship. Scott and Fran decide to pair up, and the core of the film is their highly unusual relationship. The couple argue and fuss over dance moves but eventually are attracted to each other in more than a dance way. The sequence to the song Time After Time is magical as both of them find out that their relationship is taking completely another direction.


Another highly successful ‘80s dance film is Flashdance. The main character is Alex Owens who to say has a highly interesting life is not to give it justice. By day she works in a steel mill, and at night she metamorphoses into a sexy burlesque dancer. But the talented young lady has a dream and that is to become a classical ballet dancer and to get out of the rut she is living in. Now the scene is set, and the movie starts in earnest to find out of that dream can be fulfilled.

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever first brought John Travolta to the attention of cinema goers all over the world. And let’s face it, his dancing was extraordinary. This movie was the catalyst for the whole disco scene of the 80’s and is a landmark movie for many other reasons as well. Tony Manero has a dead-end job, and he lives for the weekend when he and his friends head down to the local disco and hit the dance floor. The romance enters the plot when he needs a partner to enter a dance competition, and as we say the rest is history.

Saturday Night Fever