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How to Learn the Tango

The Tango has to be the most famous of all ballroom dances. Absolutely everybody has heard of this sensuous dance from Argentina. It has featured in many movies and advertisements where directors want to emphasize sexuality and passion. Not only is it the dance steps, the way the dancers hold each other and move in close unison as one entity make the tango such a memorable dance. Added to this is the dramatic music which the dance is performed to, it all comes together to make the tango the greatest ballroom dance of them all. But how could you possibly learn this complicated dance? Here are some tips that may help you along the way.

The Basics

Many tango teachers get their students to begin learning the tango by just holding each other and walking. For many people who are not used to dancing holding on to a partner this can be a difficult thing in itself. Then different building blocks have to be added, which include stopping, turning, and finally all the flourishes that make the tango so beautiful. Basically, learning the tango is like trying to put together a complicated puzzle.

The tango moves around in a clockwise direction, with both partners trying to stay on the periphery of the dance floor trying not to collide with other dancers. For strangers to dancing it looks a little like a horse race, and if viewed from above the dancers look like they are flowing like a stream, occasionally stopping to add an embellishment.

Argentine v Ballroom Tango

Strictly speaking the Argentine Tango differs from the Ballroom Tango, but they both emanated from the same source. And as time has progressed, they have evolved slightly differently and are not the same dance. The ballroom tango has strict rules to govern it for competitions and television, whereas the Argentinian tango that is danced socially has far more embellishments and freedom.

Argentine v Ballroom Tango

Argentine v Ballroom Tango

The Argentine Tango is normally performed to a different type of music and encourages the dancers to develop different postures and embraces. There is more improvisation in this type of tango which involves different movements and steps. You have to think differently to perform both dances as they are quite different to each other.

Going to Class

It is almost impossible to learn the tango at home, and you must attend dance classes if you are ever going to master this form of dance. Attending classes regularly is another prerequisite, as constant practice is needed to learn not just the nuances of tango but the basics. Starting to learn the tango is a big commitment and once you have signed up for lessons you must continue on a regular basis to attend them.

You do not need a partner to learn the tango, because learners of both sexes join classes so you will meet new friends and learn with them. This is another great bonus of learning how to tango, often lifetime friendships are formed and, in some cases, you may find your life partner!