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Famous Dancers from California

Here are some of the famous dancers from California:


Are you looking for an excellent Breakdancer at your party event? Or an Indian clown for your holiday event? You should check out ChaChaChengolang for all your events from wedding parties, birthday parties and even company parties. He is a great dancer and hip hop teacher for all levels of and is very good with side glide, break dance moves like the “car opener” and even gliding movements. The guys are good with break dance moves like the moonwalk, circular moonwalk, sideway glide and all other exciting dance steps.


Mr Animation is one of the best hip-hop dancers and comedy entertainer in California. He is seen in top-notch Birthday parties, has loads of guests come on the show and other dance shows and functions. You can look him up for opening acts, one many Variety shows, Guest speaker and other dance functions. He is best known for his variety of facial expressions, and props love he uses to keep his audience happy.

Miss Lady Shadow

Miss Lady Shadow delivers the best Erotic Acrobatic Cirque for your occasion. She never stops to amaze her fans with her interesting blend of hip-hop, fire, aerial pole and many more dance skills. Miss Lady Shadow always develops that burlesque sensation that keeps awes her fans whenever she hits the stage. She combines hip-hop robot, mime, Burlesque Aerial pole, belly dancing Geisha, fire princess (poi, fans, fire eating), stilt-walking, contact juggling and many more skills.The blonde dancer will blow your mind whenever you watch her dance.

Liz Watts And Company

Liz Watts is one of the leading dancers and entertainers in the event industries. She created the one-stop entertainments planning company using her creativity, expertise, amazing sense for detail and organisational skills and has continued to grow her business. With over 10 ten years of experience in the business of dance, she will confidently deliver the best dance show when you need her, she is a professional, and this is how she keeps her clients.

Lucid Life Entertainment

Lucid Life Entertainment is one of the leading dance and entertainment group in California. If you are looking for a dance group to make the difference in your event. This group of dancers is amazingly trained and very passionate about their career. They have performers that dance as Aerialists, Snake Charmers, Contortionists, Promotional Models, Life-Size Champagne and all styles of performances. They perform in nightclubs, private parties, corporate events and all dance show.

Rosalba And The Zahira Dancers

Rosalba is a top-notch dancer who has performed in various significant events and big celebrities like Dr.Dre, the casts of fast and furious. She has been featured on the vanity fair next to the Victoria Secret models, the Hallmark Channel, the Ellen Degeneres show and even the OWN network by Oprah Winfrey as a bellydance expert.  Rosalba and her crop of dancers have also been featured on the series of America’s top belly dancer and were an active contestant on famous Egypt’s AL Rakessa, “The Bellydancer” where is contested for a world dancing title in 2014.

Rosalba And The Zahira Dancers

Elite Dancers

An elite dancer is a group of performing arts organisation with young and vibrant performers. The dancers in this category are between 22 to 28 years old and are well-trained professionals. They perform at parties, conventions, corporate events, fundraisers and other events, providing guests with quality entertainment.