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Dance Studios for Lessons in L. A

Whether you live in Los Angeles or are just visiting you may want to check out some of the following dance studios for a good workout or to acquire some new dance moves. Debbie Reynolds is somewhat of a legend and this icon of musical theatre actually started the studio bearing her name. The studio was established in 1979 and is situated in North Hollywood. There are classes available seven days a week and include more unusual styles of dance, such as Bollywood and Krumping, a dance originating from the streets and popularized in the U.S. You can grab a lesson any day of the week any week of the year at Edge Performing Arts Centre.

They offer a mixture of classes ranging from ballet to hip-hop and jazz. If you are actually a working or aspiring dancer this is a great place to catch some time with some of the best choreographers working in the industry. Millennium Dance Complex has two locations, Orange County just south of L.A and one actually in North Hollywood. Both locations offer a major selection of classes both in terms of style and times, so there’s something for everyone. The industrial vibe of the studio may be familiar as it has often featured on YouTube Videos The studio offers awesome master classes in addition to the daily schedule so something for everyone. Located in Torrance just outside L.A the Boogiezone Utopia dance studio houses five studios within this location and began life offering workshops and master classes worldwide. The studio developed from those early beginnings, in 2002 and now offers classes in all manner of dance styles.

North Hollywood seems to abound with good dance studios and Movement Lifestyle can be added to that list. The inviting atmosphere of the studio welcomes and encourages dancers from all levels of the community as well as the industry at large. If you are starting out, the studio, located on Weddington St. North Hollywood, has plenty of good foundational classes in a variety of styles.

Looking for something a little more advanced?

Then the studio also offers master classes with some of the best dancers around. A more unusual take on the dance class is the programme offered by the unusually named Snowglobe Perspective. The studio started in April 2015 having originated as a workshop and You Tube series showing various videos of dance. Different dancers from all over the community contribute and in addition one off pop up classes will often appear late at night and feature some teachers from out of the area.

Definitely a different and original take on the dance studio experience so worth a visit. Right on the Hollywood Boulevard you will find the International Dance Academy which has hosted ‘Americas Best Dance Crew’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ rehearsals. True to its name the studio offers many different styles of dance including lyrical, hula, burlesque and hip-hop. The quality of choreographers will ensure a great experience and whilst visiting for a lesson you can check out the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’! Let’s not forget traditional ballet for some of the most satisfying and creative workouts. Marat Daukayev School of Ballet on La Brea Ave. Los Angeles features beginner’s classes for adults as well as the more accomplished dancers out there. Whether you’re looking to improve your posture and balance with a great workout or refine your skills the Russian influence will not go unnoticed! And let’s not forget traditional ballroom dancing. Arthur Murray Studios deliver the goods if you want to have fun and feel accomplished the next time you go dancing at a function. Santa Monica and Woodland Hills both have fine studios that provide a formula of teaching that has long been successful, producing many a satisfied client who now feels that all important confidence on the social dance floor. Something for everyone at all these studios so take your pick and get dancing!