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Daily Ways to Improve Your Dancing

If you want to take up dancing as a profession, then you probably find it hard to maintain and increase your dancing skills. Perhaps you may want to progress in your chosen career, but how is this possible while you are working at your current job or enjoying your social life? When it is not possible to attend extra dance lessons then there are ways at home that you can improve. Here are some tips that if you practice every day will help you along the way.


As a dancer you are probably already stretching properly, but you can always add extra stretching into your normal daily routine. Stretching is highly important for a dancer as it increases flexibility and gives you more range in your movements. The muscles need constant attention to keep them loose and so they do not retract from lack of use. Flexible muscles also vastly reduce the chances of injuries.



Muscle Memory

Any repetitive movement is retained by the body’s memory. And if you perform an action enough times on a regular basis both the muscle and the brain remember it. To ensure your body attains proper muscle memory then you have to keep on doing the same movements day in and day out. When it comes time to perform these movements your body will react almost automatically. Remember, the key word is repetition.

Study Techniques

Review your old dancing films and see how effortlessly the dancers perform. They have attained this level of excellence by practicing their technique over and over again. Select a technique from a dance sequence and copy it. Then don’t stop practicing it until you can perform it without thinking. Bit by bit you will expand your dancing portfolio without even attending dance lessons. With constant practice your brain is conditioned to always think about body placement.

Dance videos may have inspired your desire to become a professional, and they are a great source of reference as well as pleasure. Try to watch the films with a different outlook. Watch them not for enjoyment but with the intent to learn something new. You will notice that the films deliver another message entirely, but still are highly enjoyable to watch.

Look After Your Diet

It might not seem like rocket science, but dancers need to be fit. And a healthy body is normally accompanied with a healthy mind. The benefits of eating well cannot be over stressed. Poor eating habits are almost addictive and junk food is easy to come by. Plan your day’s food intake the night before and make sure it is packed full of vegetables and fruits. Planning ahead is a great way to stop the temptation of the convenience of grab-and-go foods. Whilst junk food can give the initial rush of energy, they will ultimately make you slower and weigh you down. If you take on board these handy hints and practice them every day it will help you to stay focused on your aim to eventually becoming a professional dancer. Stay in the zone of what your goals are and never give up on your dreams.