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Best Dance Companies in New York

New York is known for its active involvement in performance acts and theater. Dance has always been a part of the New York’s culture. There are different dance companies or studios scattered in various part of the city. If you are looking to discover some of the best dance studios in New York, read on to get details of the top dance companies located in the city.

PeridanceCapezio Center

Located near the Union Square in the east village, this dance school is the highly sort after by Foursquare users.The reason is that the dance center has world-class dance instructors willing to impact dance skills to their students. The PeridanceCapezio Center covers significant dance style ranging from contemporary dance style, ballet and salsa and tap. The good thing is that the center carters from all level of dancers from beginners to experts.

Broadway Dance Center

The Broadway Dance Center is known for its variety of expert tutors and famous choreographers. Professional dancers are encouraged to attend the Dance Center.  If you are always looking for a place to network with other expert dancers and talent scouts, then Broadway Dance Center is a place to be. The Center also organizes dance classes for both children from the age of 3 and adults. Famous dancer Taylor Fields recommends the center to other dancers and is of the view that ‘You get your money’s worth here because teachers are experienced, and they know how to teach techniques.’

Dance New Amsterdam

This dance center aims to produce a platform where professional choreographers teach each dancer. The professional choreographers teach dancers to dance techniques and help each dancer to develop his or her distinct dance style. Injury prevention is also a focus in Dance New Amsterdam. They achieve this by paying attention to adapt dance style that will suit each dancer’s body and dance style.  The center is known for its unique modern dance style. Because the dance center houses a professional theater on its premises, this gives students the opportunity to relate to professional dances and work for them. It provides dance classes for students from 16 years and above.

Mark Morris Dance Group

Dancers opened this dance studio for dancers. One of the unique things you will notice about the Mark Morris Dance studio is that they have the visual and audio equipment and piano for live music. They aim to meet each student’s need and is known for their top-notch neatness. As a way of connecting with the community at large, the Mark Morris Dance center allow other dance groups to make use of their facilities and equipment; this offer extends to them using their theatre. There have many dance classes to cater for the need of young dancers, experts, beginners and old dancers.

Mark Morris Dance Group

Steps on Broadway

This dance center teaches all levels of dance styles, and their dance instructors are usually pro dancers who are experienced and successful. New York is known for the best entertainment and teaching for the arts!