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5 Facts About Dancing

5 Facts About Dancing

Dance is one of the most beautiful and interesting art forms that can tell the story not by words, but by body movements and expressions. No one exactly knows when dance became an art form, but some cave drawings depicting dancing people were found and scientists claim that these drawings are about 9,000 years old. At that time dancing was a part of spiritual actions and customs. From ancient times until now, dance styles have changed, and new dances have emerged. In fact, the history of dance as a form of art and self-expression is very long, confusing, and interesting, but here are 5 the most interesting facts you may not have heard about dancing yet.

FACT NO. 1 Waltz Was A Shameful Dance

Although waltz is now associated with elegance, grace, and luxury, this dance was considered too sexy due to the close contact and intimate connection of the dancers in the early 16th century. At the time, the conservative society considered the waltz as a shameful dance. However, the fans of the waltz were not so easily stopped, and it was danced at closed parties. The situation changed in 1786, when the opera LA COSA RARA was performed at the Vienna Opera. The members of high society changed their attitude to the waltz after seeing this opera, and it quickly became popular dance among the nobles.

FACT NO.2 Dancing Plague

In 1518, a strange phenomenon called Dance Plague began to spread across Europe. This epidemic was started by Mrs Troffea. She danced at a street of Strasbourg without stopping for a few days. During the week, 34 people joined the woman, and a month later the group of dancers already had more than 400 members. This phenomenon is called a plague because many people died because of exhaustion, heart attacks, or strokes. Historical sources record that about 15 people died per day due to this strange epidemic.

FACT NO. 3 Road Police Officers Dancing Ballet

In 2008, ballet lessons were started for road police officers in Timisoara, Romania. The initiative came after city police received complaints about inaccurate and non-expressive regulatory movements on the street. As a result, 20 road police officers improved their body plastics by learning to dance according to the music of Tchaikovsky.

FACT NO. 4 Step Dance and A World Record

On May 24, 1998, a world record was set in Stuttgart, Germany. Choreographer Ray Lynch created a dance that was performed by 6952 step dancers. They danced together for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The event was dedicated to the birthday of step legend Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. In the second place with 6,000 step dancers is currently a dance performed by a New York dance group. They danced on Broadway Street to commemorate Thanksgiving Day.

FACT NO. 5 Dancing for Body and Mind

Dancing moves the whole body, so all muscle groups are trained. By dancing, we reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve orientation, motor skills, coordination, and become more flexible. Dancing is also beneficial to our mind as it improves memory. A study conducted by The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York found that regular dancing can reduce the risk of mental illness by 76 percent.

FACT NO. 5 Dancing for Body and Mind

FACT NO. 5 Dancing for Body and Mind