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5 Facts About Dancing

Dance is one of the most beautiful and interesting art forms that can tell the story not by words, but by body movements and expressions. No one exactly knows when dance became an art form, but some cave drawings depicting dancing people were found and scientists claim that these drawings[…]

The Most Popular Latin Dances

Everyone knows that Latin dances are a part of sport dances and just more passionate. However, many people are confused between genres and styles. Well, the Latin dances can be described as a genre that includes many different styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Mambo, Rumba, Samba, and many others.[…]

If you want to take up dancing as a profession, then you probably find it hard to maintain and increase your dancing skills. Perhaps you may want to progress in your chosen career, but how is this possible while you are working at your current job or enjoying your social[…]

The Tango has to be the most famous of all ballroom dances. Absolutely everybody has heard of this sensuous dance from Argentina. It has featured in many movies and advertisements where directors want to emphasize sexuality and passion. Not only is it the dance steps, the way the dancers hold[…]

New York is a place of culture. If you are a dance lover this city is perfect for you. From ballet in American Ballet Theatre at Lincoln Center to modern in Baryshnikov Arts Center or Joyce Theatre, this city has offers for any kind of taste. These are a couple[…]

The genre of dance as a legitimate subject for a movie theme has never been disputed. Dance movies have been with us since the old Broadway musicals, and they have grown into serious contenders for nominations for all manner of screen awards. At first, dance movies had sketchy storylines, and[…]

Have you ever watched two elegant ballroom dancers glide effortlessly across the dance floor and thought to yourself, I wish I could dance like this? The truth is that nobody was born a perfectly skilled ballroom dancer. This is just a final result of lots of training, hardworking, and memorizing[…]

There are stars that are already gone and created dance moves that became history like Michael Jacksons moonwalk and there are stars who just started their career and are at the peak of it. These ones are breaking the dance world and industry, they are social media influencers, dancers, choreographers[…]

Dancing is a widely participated activity. It is loved by many and is well known for its many forms and styles. However, these forms of dancing are known to differ according to their difficulty and skill levels. Dancing is considered by many to be one of the most challenging careers[…]

As a dance that has existed for more than a hundred years, it is no surprise that ballet has a long and rich history. Up until the present, the dance is often associated with high-brow culture with the beauty of the classical ballet music that accompanies it and the intricacy[…]

Both beginning dancers and experienced ones have the possibility of facing the question of whether or not dance is the perfect career for them. Most individuals who have gone through this question have fallen deeply in love with dance as an art and felt that there is nothing they would[…]

Ballroom has clearly been a part of the social scene for many generations, but it moved out of the exclusive homes of the wealthy and into the lives of ordinary people when the likes of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers made it accessible through the magic of the silver screen![…]

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