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Ballroom has clearly been a part of the social scene for many generations, but it moved out of the exclusive homes of the wealthy and into the lives of ordinary people when the likes of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers made it accessible through the magic of the silver screen![…]

There are many great dance groups all around the world that love to perform at events, compete in competitions and excel at their craft. There are of course some groups that are better than others at what they do, in this article we are going to discuss a few of[…]

Naturally any list of famous people from a particular area of the arts is open to debate but it is interesting to look back at the achievements and talent of a variety of individuals and see how you might consider them in a historical setting. Ballet has been a constant[…]

One factor that makes a music video stand out is the choreography, and you need good choreographers to achieve this. The dancing that we see in music videos may seem like just something that is happening in the background and something that we may not take a lot of notice[…]

Here are some nice movies about dancing you need to see the next time you feel like doing a moonwalk but lack inspiration. Dirty Dancing The Dirty Dancing is one of the most watched dance movies out there. The story is about a lady named Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman who had[…]

New York is known for its active involvement in performance acts and theater. Dance has always been a part of the New York’s culture. There are different dance companies or studios scattered in various part of the city. If you are looking to discover some of the best dance studios[…]

There are lots of TV shows that offer the best dance display and competition. So if you are looking for where you watch some of the best dance shows, you can save yourself the stress, pick up your remote control and check out some of these TV shows. So You[…]

Here are some of the famous dancers from California: ChaChaChengolang Are you looking for an excellent Breakdancer at your party event? Or an Indian clown for your holiday event? You should check out ChaChaChengolang for all your events from wedding parties, birthday parties and even company parties. He is a[…]

Dance is a very subjective medium and, just as with any art form, can be assessed, debated and judged differently depending on the audience. However somewhere along the line it’s helpful and interesting to get some insight into what’s out there and then the individual can explore the options. In[…]

Whether you live in Los Angeles or are just visiting you may want to check out some of the following dance studios for a good workout or to acquire some new dance moves. Debbie Reynolds is somewhat of a legend and this icon of musical theatre actually started the studio[…]

Whether you are a dancer yourself, or not, there’s nothing quite like the thrill and excitement of experiencing a live dance show. The visual and auditory involvement is always interesting, and knowledgeable or not, we can all appreciate the athleticism of the dancers involved. Some of the worlds most accomplished[…]

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